The journey of a hundred miles starts from single step.
Congratulations for passing exam! Your patience and persistence has finally paid off. Now you are one step closer to your dream. Keep the courage as you face new challenges in life.
Drishti Verma 93.2 %
Vaishnav Mantri 83%
Abhijay Jayan 82%
N our special fighter Bhakti Chothe who defeated her cancer with achieving success in her exam.

Sarthak Modak 85.8%
Samiksha Shrivastava 86%
Pankaj Agrawal 91%

100% result of class 10th

1st Apeksha Mujumale – 93.2%
2nd Siddhi Mantri – 91.8%
3rd Ayush More – 88.6%

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